Canine Security

Canine Security is a specialised service provided by Nemesis Consultants Limited which incorporates:

  • General Purpose Guard Dogs
  • Search Dogs
  • Explosive
  • Drugs
  • Weapons

Canine Security Handlers are fully equipped to secure High Risk Projects and operate from Self-Contained Vehicles. General Purpose Canine Units are tasked to secure High Value Assets, Buildings, Areas and to prevent Theft, Criminal Damage and Trespass. They either work alone as a ‘Standalone’ Security Solution or in support of Asset Protection Security Guards. Search Canine Units can be tasked to conduct Searches for multiple scenarios including Drug Searches in Leisure Venues, Explosive Searches in Public Areas which are at risk from a Terrorism and Weapons searches at any location. Canine Handlers are National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) qualified, covered by appropriate Liability Insurance and hold SIA Security Licences enabling them to operate in the Security Industry.


Canine Security - Dog Services

Asset Protection is a level of security higher than that of basic Security Guarding. Asset Protection Officers deploy to locations where high value items are located such as Renewable Energy, Construction, Road or Rail Network, Port and Aviation locations which have large amounts of high value Cable, Tools, Fuel and Plant Machinery or locations which store high value Vehicles, Aircraft, Jewellery or Art. Like Close Protection, Asset Protection requires detailed Risk Assessment, Intelligence Gathering and Security Planning plus the deployment of a highly skilled and effective Asset Protection Team either on foot or by Vehicle which may include Canine Security Units if required. Should you require an Asset Protection Security Operation, please contact Head Office so we may assign one of our Security Consultants to assist you with your requirements.



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