Risk Assessment, Planning, Consultancy & Procurement

Risk Assessment, Security Planning and Consultancy is a vital part of any Security Operation. It must be conducted by highly experienced experts if the results are to be accurate and relevant to the risks involved.

Nemesis Security Consultants are highly experienced in both Military and Civilian Security Risk Assessing and Planning. Their in depth knowledge and access to high grade intelligence allows them to complete highly efficient Security Plans which will conform to all requirements of safety, efficiency and insurance indemnification conditions.

All information given to Nemesis by the client is treated as 'Classified' and covered by a comprehensive 'Non-Disclosure Agreement'.

Risk Assessment and Consultancy can be contracted by the clients as a 'stand alone' service, however we recommend that this service is combined with the deployment of an appropriate Nemesis Security Team if the Security Plan is to operate at maximum efficiency.

Nemesis procures a range of state of the art Military and Security Equipment for defence, policing, public order, port/airport/oil/gas installations and border security, including security fencing, detection systems, radar, command & control systems, UAV surveillance, military vehicles, rotary, fixed wing aircraft, uniforms and all forms of military/police equipment.

Nemesis can provide reliable and unbiased equipment advice and has the experience and knowledge to ensure our clients get 'fit for purpose' hardware and value for money.

Nemesis industry contacts and equipment knowledge are second to none which is why our services are called upon Client Procurement Departments on an international basis.

The Nemesis Management Team comprises of ex Elite Forces Military Personnel and Former Diplomats who have extensive global experience in procuring Military and Security Equipment for International Clients.

Nemesis can provide a complete Security solution including Security Planning and Risk Assessment, the Procurement of all necessary equipment and the deployment of the Security or Training team to carry out the task to its final conclusion.