Close Protection, Residential Security & Aviation Security

Corporate Businesses, Dignitaries, Executives, Media, and Celebrities face an ever increasing threat from Criminal Gangs, Cartels, Insurgent Militias, Terrorists, Activists and even members of the General Public.

When there is a risk of attack, robbery or kidnapping; protection is essential. Legislation in the UK, which is governed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) has made it illegal for companies or individuals to use unqualified 'Bodyguards'. It is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom for Close Protection Operatives to hold an Security Industry Authority Close Protection qualification and a valid SIA Close Protection License. Failure to do so will result in prosecution and non the indemnification of insurance claims.

Nemesis deploys highly trained SIA licensed Close Protection Operatives and Aviation Security Teams for both UK and International Security operations. Nemesis CPOs have the ability to operate discreetly and professionally in high or low profile environments, whilst maintaining the capability to minimise threats and protect the principal in all situations.

The key to successful Close Protection is accurate intelligence and meticulous planning. If a Close Protection Operation is planned well, it makes it very difficult for hostile individuals or groups to conduct a successful attack which is why Nemesis Close Protection Team Leaders are trained in Surveillance, Counter Surveillance, Anti Surveillance, Covert Intelligence Gathering, Route Selection, Transport Coordination, Operational Planning and Weapons Techniques.

The threat to a client's residence or place of business is also on the increase. Nemesis has the capability to deploy highly trained SIA licensed Close Protection Operatives who can operate in an RST role to minimise threat to property and protect the principal in all situations.

Aviation Security is also a requirement for international business. Private Aircraft are used by Directors of Corporate Companies and often fly to hostile areas. Aircraft are targets for attack and industrial espionage and need to be guarded even when situated at a private Jet Centre whilst the Principal will require a CP Team for travel on the ground.

Discretion is of the utmost importance so all Close Protection and RST Officers are fully vetted and sign a 'Client Non Disclosure Agreement' before deployment.

This allows the Client, the Principal and their Staff to focus on their schedule without having to organise their own personal safety or worry about sensitive information being disclosed into the Public Domain.